Sunday, March 20, 2011

I love Billy !!!

I am so grateful for my husband. I love him so much. He is an extraordinary person that I get to have with me. He is so helpful with so much including the kids and cooking !!

These gorgeous flowers were waiting on my doorstep when I got home on Tuesday afternoon. It was such a great surprise from my husband.

Birtley needed to fix some stuff on his Mustang (he explained the logistics to me, but me being able to tell you is a whole other matter) and he had worked on it for three nights in a row. The cupboards were pretty bare so I desperately needed to go shopping. I opted for a late night instead of early morning store run. So him being the superman that he is he watched Macie and fixed the Mustang, so I could go alone. When I came home it was one of the sweetest things to see her watching her Daddy !!

I love Billy so much. He is so talented in the fixing "stuff" department. When I say he can fix anything I am not exagerating. Anything, he can fix vacuums, trampolines, skirt zippers, toilets, cars, bikes, flat irons. I have lost track. If anything is having a problem he can fix it !! Besides that he is funny and handsome (as you can see) Love that I get to go through life (this and the next) with him

This is the baby blanket that I made for my sister, Jessica's, new baby boy. I was so glad that I got to see a hold him for a few days when he was so tiny !! I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to her, but remembered while I was visiting her.



that quilt is darling, I love it! you need to teach me!!! I've always wanted to try a quilt out

Shell said...

That is so sweet he gave you those really deserve them! Macie is SOOO big! She looks so old in those pics with Birtley. You guys are awesome!

Waters said...

Tiffany, you musnt have gotten the card the went along with the flowers I gave you. I didnt want to say anything since you posted that they came from Birtley and all, so I decided to give him the flower glory for a few days. I gave them to you, silly, for being such a great friend. :) Sorry, Birtley, for blowing your steam, but buddy, c'mon, lets face it, you cant get all the praise.

Your baby blanket turnned out great, I like the stripe idea.