Monday, June 6, 2011

April, May and a little June

I haven't posted in a while so to keep this simple for me I am just gonna post once for several different things that have gone on around here.

We went on a hike Saturday night even though it was a short hike. The mosquitos were attacking us,it ended with all of us running, no really running back to the car. Everybody else got 1 bite. I ended up with 11. It was fun until the mosquitos found us. Carter found this "cute" little frog. (No I didn't get confused this is a pic of Cole holding the frog that Carter found)

Macie's hair after she cut herself some sweet bangs!! I was really upset when I walked in and she was sitting there snipping away !! I am just glad it wasn't worse

Macie (with her hair all cute, I am excited that she has some hair to do stuff with) This is her before she decided to cut herself some sweet bangs. Not really that sweet, she has an appointment to repair the damage.

Memorial Day Weekend was fun,wished that the weather would've been nicer so that we could've spent time doing something fun outside,but we just took a long ride seeing some small Idaho cities and viewing the awesome mountains and pretty scenery. Here's Me and Billy by the Rooster Tail(where they let water out of the reservoir) near Lucky Peak.

I had my Birthday during the month of May and it was great, Birtley and I went to see WICKED on that Saturday night, a big group of us got tickets so it was fun to be able to go with so many friends all around us. We got all fancied up and had an amazing time that I will not forget !!

Had to put two pictures with everyone because they weren't being very cooperative about not being goofy, as you can tell.

Here's Macie in her pretty Easter dress, she picked it herself and loves it !!


Carly said...

Oh my goodness! Macie!!! Little stink! She looks cute no matter what but be assured that gave me a good laugh! I've missed you today glad I got to see some updated pictures! Love ya.

kimberlyharvard said...

YAY!! So glad you're back to blogging so I can see those sweet children of yours grow! :)