Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Awesomeness !!!

I haven't posted for two months and apparently I don't remember how to put the captions with the right photo. We have been doing good, just pretty busy. I am really too frustrated after helping Carter with his fractions homework for over an hour to figure this out, soooo here you go. I might fix it later or maybe not. You get the idea right ???

Carter got his Bear in the scouting program this last week !!!!!!

Cole frosting his cookies. We made sugar cookies for Valentine's, but of course he wanted to make trees and other random shapes that I had.

Macie wanted to help me with the dishes, I was letting her just play in the water with some cups when she decided she would actually load the dishwasher. It was so stinkin cute. She wants to be big so bad !!! The sad thing is when she is big enough to help with this she will no longer "want" to.

Machelle came and showed me how to curl my and Macie's hair, was so much fun and as you can see she looks precious !!!


Machelle Kay said...

I love the sunglasses picture. She is sooo cute.

Waters said...

The Scouting program is like hyroglifics to me. With no brothers, I have no idea what to expect. Im glad I have a few years until I have to prepare for Jackson.
On the other hand, Congrats Carter for getting your Bear (Im sure that was quite an accomplishment!!!)

Ha ha ha, we made Valentines cookies too and Val wanted to make different shapes too. A Christmas tree or Witch for Valentines? Its pretty funny. The goof balls. :)

Youre doing really well with Macie's hair Tiff.