Thursday, September 23, 2010

Macie is Two !!!!

This is my precious little girl. She is such a blessing and joy in my life. I can't believe she is Two, even though I have tried to treasure every moment the time somehow still passes by too quickly. She is so happy and brings such a sweet spirit into our home. (She is currently throwing a tantrum on the floor I want all of you to know, don't you just love it when they're 2) Happy Birthday Macie Rose !!!

Macie loved the cupcakes, she screamed with delight when she saw them

The My Little Pony cupcakes, they tasted awesome !!! I have an awesome friend that helped me put strawberry filling and make the yummy frosting (She is a pro, that is why she helped me!! THanks Machelle)

The Yummy Cupcakes

Carter and Macie just playing

These are the cute jammies that Grandma Gresham sent to Macie !!

Macie and Ava


kimberlyharvard said...

What a doll! Happy birthday, Macie!!

Shell said...

Yay! Happy birthday Macer-roo! I'm a bad aunt for not calling, but I will call your mommy back later! You are getting so big, i remember when I held you for the first time and started crying because of how tiny you were! Lots of love!

Machelle Kay said...

Macie is soo cute. I am glad the cupcakes were yummy and that she had a great time.