Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Fun !!

I was in charge of one of the stations for Rett's Valentine's Day class party. I thought this little monster was pretty cute, so I was in charge of helping the kids make this. This one was the one I made as an example. My hat goes off to Kindergarten teachers. They have a really tough job. That many kids at one time is kinda crazy !!

There are 23 kids in his class. So we made 23 Valentine monsters. It was a ton of fun and work.

This is Rett's cute friend, Zuzu.

Here he is wearing his crown.

I went to help in Rett's kindergarten class for their Valentine's party.
Here's Rett making his crown.

Here's what Rett's Valentine's finished look like. They looked really cute !

Here is Rett finishing up his cards for all of his class.

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Gurr Family said...

You are so involved in your kids school I love that. Rett looks so happy at school.