Monday, February 15, 2010

My girl

It is so much fun having a baby for the fourth time. She is such a happy little girl and just goes along with everybody else. She makes me smile all of the time. I think she is going to be quite the little clown. I just love her and all of the love she gives to everyone in our family. I am not alone in feeling adoration and love for her. Everybody in our house is so in love with her. She has everybody around here just loving that she is in our family.

Macie's hairdo is from the applesauce that she mashed into her hair when she had lunch just before her art project.

Here is Macie making a picture to send to Braylyn and Kambria. I was surprised how much she liked doing this. She went nuts scribbling all over the cards. It was pretty cute.

I'm glad he loves his sister !

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Gurr Family said...

I love naked Macie! She is so cute with her flash dance socks.(as dad says)