Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning

Becca and Jorgan Peterson gave us this for Christmas. It is a window from an old house with vinyl letters on it. The saying is really cool and thoughful and it looks great hanging in my living room. Thank you guys !!
Birtley gave me this awesome pictures for Christmas. He loves to surprise me and I really love that he does. It's the Salt Lake Temple. It is even prettier when you're standing right in front of it. He hung it up for me in the dining room and I can see it from the kitchen and the living room, so it's pretty perfect. I get to look at it a lot during the day. It is just gorgeous!!! Thanks honey !! You are the very best.

Rett playing his new DS game, Lego Star Wars. He really really likes it, can't you tell?

This is my present that Rett is wearing.

Merry Christmas !!!!

Did you notice the chocolate on her face at 6 in the morning? It was definitely Christmas!!!

Macie with her thumbelina Barbie. When she opened it she got all excited and said "Ooooooh", it was so cute !!

Rett and Carter got a new game for their Nintendo DS, that was one of the first things they wanted to play with. Here they are, playing so intensely that they didn't even look up or notice me taking a picture of them.

Cole with his remote control Jeep, it was his favorite present.

Cole opening his favorite present, with the help of his brothers.

I had to show Macie what to do with her presents. Once she saw what fun it was she really liked it !

Carter and Rett were sooooo excited to get a Wii for Christmas, they have had a great time playing with it. I am very surprised and impressed with Cole's guitar hero skills !!

All of the goodies !! Santa was very good to us this year. We had such a wonderful and perfect Christmas ! The day was full of fun and just enjoying all of the kids stuff and relaxing. We had really yummy sticky buns for breakfast, had a mid morning nap. Some boys were very excited for Santa and got up at 5:00 am. We all needed a rest after all of the opening presents and some good food. Our good friends, Petersons came over for Christmas dinner and we enjoyed wonderful food and friends that night. It was one of my very best Christmas' so far. It was just so much fun !!!

This is the cheesecake that was for Santa after he came, Carter had the great idea to leave carrots for the reindeer, he left a note for Santa so he wouldn't eat them. I thought it was really cute of him to think of that !!

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Kelsey and Rick said...

Way cute, I'm gald you had a great christmas!