Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spudman 2011

Last year I watched Birtley compete in the Spudman Triathlon. It was fun to watch him and made me think it would be a fun thing to do, as a team. So I would mention that in conversation to friends to find out who would possibly do it with me. I found some awesome girls to do it with me. I am definitely intimidated by the swim in the Snake River, but not Kortney she was excited to do it and she did awesome. Gillian ran her butt off too !! It was such a fun time.

Here we are,The Three Amigas Team, go PINK !!!

Billy and I

Here is a picture of Birtley finishing at the very end. His finish time was approximately 2 hrs 35 minutes. Don't have the exact because his time chip fell off during his run without him even noticing.

I was glad that I made it, very excited as you can tell !

I am the one in pink. Here is me starting out on my 26.2 mile ride !!

Here is where all of the bikes are. I waited here for Kortney,then took off for my ride.

Here is the team Gillian(the runner), Me(the biker), and Kortney (the swimmer)

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Machelle Kay said...

What an amazing accomplishment. I have no desire for things like that but I do have so much respect because it is hard. You look amazing by the way.