Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Carving the Pumpkins

My Boys
Here is Birtley being a goofball. I actually told him to do it, and he will do just about anything to make me laugh!!!!!! I thought it was pretty funny, but maybe I've been at home with a bunch of kids too long ?!

Carter's Pumpkin

What's not to love about sticking your hand in a slimy wet pumpkin and pulling stuff out? Cole thought it was cool.

You can tell by Rett's face that he thought this was great fun. All of the boys love it. They talked about carving the pumpkins for about a month, we bought them really early, because they were so excited. It is one of their favorite things about Halloween.

Carter had a great time digging out all of the pumpkin guts !!!!

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Jess said...

Carter is growing too fast. Tell him to slow down. Carving pumpkins is the best. You can tell they really love it.